Post 210 was  organized on December 2, 1985 with Jimmie Bailey and  Roscoe Venable designated as co-founders and included the following charter members:
1.. A. Armstead                2.. R. Allen            3.. R. Battle         4.. K. Battle Jr.
5.. H. Bonner                    6.. L. Baxter          7.. C. Briggs        8.. C. Branch
9.. M. Callis                      10. J. Brooks        11. H. Davis        12. R. Davis 
13. H. Fearce                   14. H. Hall            15. E. Hough      16. J. Jackson
17. W. Jones                    18. G. Mines        19. L. Moten        20. R Richards
21. C. Smith                      21. M. Townes    22. W. Turner      23. F. Underdue Jr.
24. B. Washington           25. E. Matthew    26. D Bagley       27. H Davis
28. W. Crumn                   29. C. Dye            30. W. Winston    31. C Wright
Jimmie Bailey was elected the first Commander of Post 210 and served in that capacity for a number of  consecutive years during different periods. He also served as Commander for the 11th District of the Virginia American Legions
Over the years Post 210 has been located on East Board Street, Brookland Park Blvd, Jefferson Davis Highway, Westover Hills Blvd., 15 W. Clopton Street, 6501 Old Warwick Rd and 2412 North Ave
Post 210 Past Commanders are:
Jimmie Bailey, William Ranson,  William Lewis,  Chuck Talley,  Dave Liggins,  Rock Wiley, Johnny Rasberry, Frank Underdue Jr.,  Joe Squire, James Brown, Raymond Wilkins, Carol Cox, Roney E. Boyd Jr.

History of Post 210