Serving the Community, State and Nation
"Living By Faith and Not By sight"
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I want to thank you for visiting our website, we are one of the few majority minority American Legion Post in the 11th District of the State of Virginia and one of the few that do not currently have a Post Hall to hold events or functions for fundraising. We are now looking at several buildings in the Richmond area which could provide us with the space to have small gathering for 50 people or less, but in order to keep and maintain any building, we will have to increase our membership. As with any organization that has existed for 100 years or more, it is the youth that will ensure its survival  

At present, with the exceptions of 2 or 4 members, our membership consist of Vietnam veterans, With the change in American Legion recruit policy, we can now recruit military personnel from any USA War/Conflict instead of just from the so call Great Wars. If you know of anyone that was in the Armed Service and would like to do things for the community and military families, please tell them about us. We would love for them to join us.  

A Few Words From Post Commander
Gloria Nash-Allen.