The government and management of the Post is entrusted to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee also has the responsibility to hire employees, if necessary; authorize and approve all expenditures; require adequate bonds from persons having custody of Posts funds; can hear reports from Post committee chairpersons; and generally having charge and being responsible for the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Post.

Delegation of these functions to the Executive Committee is in no way intended to usurp the powers of the membership through regular Post meetings. The Executive Committee most kept the Post membership aware, by committee report, of things of interest to the Post membership and most have the approval of the Post membership for any major undertaken.

Executive Committee Membership:
The Executive Committee membership will consist of  the Officers of Post 210, the Ladies Auxiliary President, and three (3) Post  legionaries that are voted onto the committee by the membership. Post Officers cannot vote in the selection of the Post legionaries to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee holds a regular monthly meeting on the Wednesday before the fourth Sunday at 19:00 hour (7:00PM) or as requested by the Post Commander to handle affairs that are to be presented at the Post monthly meeting.
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Executive Committee